With markets currently volatile, Joe Wiggins, Director of Liquid Markets at St. James’s Place, looks at some of the key features of a ‘bear market’

Bear markets – a period where equity markets fall – are an inescapable feature of equity investing. They are also the greatest challenge that investors will face. This is not because of the (hopefully temporary) losses that will be suffered, but the poor choices we are liable to make during them. Bear markets change the decision-making dynamic entirely. In a bear market, smart long-term decisions often look foolish in the short-term; whereas in a bull market foolish long-term decisions often look smart in the short-term.

Lear More: https://www.rkpwealthmanagement.co.uk/article/detail/sjpp/what_we_should_remember_about_bear_markets.htm

Minesh Patel
Author: Minesh Patel

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