The Seychelles Archipelago is a group of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean that lie 1000 miles off the coast of East Africa, northeast of Madagascar.

A melting pot of many cultures which have commingled and coexisted since the first settlement of the islands in 1770.

The three main inhabited islands are Mahé, Praslin and La Digue and the official languages are English, French and Seychellois Creole.


The Seychellois are a colourful and harmonious blend of different nationalities from across the globe, all of whom have brought something of their own customs and cultures to create a well-integrated, harmonious and vibrant modern island state with a distinct culture enriched from many continents.




Notwithstanding the many uncertainties associated with today’s global climate, Seychelles enjoys a year-round, glorious tropical climate and nearly 12 hours of sunlight due to its position just south of the Equator. All but its remotest, southern islands lie well outside the cyclone belt and the climate is such that there are no extremes of weather, with the temperature seldom dropping below 24°C or rising above 32°C.


Lush, dramatic landscapes, unspoilt nature, powder-soft white sand and crystal-clear turquoise water; this is the Seychelles, where the beaches are the top reason for visiting.

Beau Vallon beach, the home to a number of water-sports making for a perfect activity-packed day by the sea; a wonderful way to enjoy the ocean and explore the hidden nooks and crannies of the coastline. Also, with surrounds of tropical indigenous forests, the many nature sanctuaries offer experiences and activities that are once-in-a-lifetime dreams.



A haven for world-class activities, a safe and pristine environment for familes to have a once-in-a-lifetime holiday.

Seychelles offers an Aladdin’s cave of rich experiences for visitors to enjoy.
Dotted with nightclubs and casinos, the nightlife will never disappoint the free-spirited looking for magical nights out, so whatever your tastes and preferences for activities, Seychelles is a treasure chest of varied escapades just waiting to be discovered.

Walks and Trails

Seychelles is proudly part of the breeding ground for natural trails in the Indian Ocean. There are many walks and trails to be explored, which serve not only as an attraction for a different clientele but to raise environmental awareness and exhibit the richness and wealth of our islands when it comes to its lush nature and exceptional biodiversity.



No two islands are the same and every island has its own hidden gem, must-see attractions, beautiful beaches and not-to-miss experiences. The wild and rustic Seychelles is unapologetically raw in its natural charm and offers endless things to see.
From island to island, you will find both that perfect peace and the hint of mystery from eccentric houses and crumbling walls, draped with ferns and lianas, telling the story of man’s brief but eventful history there.


As islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean, it is no surprise that seafood plays a massive part in Seychellois cuisine. Usually served with rice, most restaurants offer fish dishes that use a variety of traditional cooking methods, whether steamed, grilled, salted, baked and even wrapped in banana leaves. The five most typically popular traditional dishes are available in some of the best local restaurants and as quick takeaways at attractive prices in local fares and night bazaars.


Gill Nichols
Author: Gill Nichols

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