Here are some tips for a social media strategy:
-Make a list of upcoming events or special days
-Create a theme to provide a unified experience
-Prepare a list of hashtags for different platforms
-Make sure it covers your main events, features, and campaigns
If you struggle to find the time to create the social media presence you want, get in touch. I can help by creating regular, eye catching posts. I can also write blogs and newsletters for you, in your voice, and link these to your posts. Creating a theme throughout with a call to action to drive viewers to your website, newsletter sign up or to your latest promotion.

For a no obligation conversation, get in touch,

Kate Vayle
Author: Kate Vayle

Hi, I am a Virtual Assistant and I help busy business owners by taking some of their work to give them more time to focus on what matters most to them. I specialise in creating and scheduling social media posts, blogs and newsletters, but with 20 years experience in high level customer service, I can help with anything from booking in appointments to dealing with complaints. I also have years of experience creating documents for compliance and process structure within organisations.

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