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Privacy Policy

Reccobiz is committed to securing all data safely and ensuring it is utilised in a professional and legal manner.

All personal information we collect from you as a user or subscriber is fully available for you to view if requested.

In this document, we explain what we collect, how it is stored and how it is used.

When using Reccobiz we will collect information which includes your IP address. The IP address is collected to allow us to monitor how our website or APP is functioning. It also allows us to improve security by knowing where data is sent or retrieved from.

We also collect Cookies, these assist us to see how our site is running and make browsing easier by maintaining information from your browser. More information on managing cookies is available from here. You can choose NOT to let us use cookies, this may however, reduce the way you can use Reccobiz.

We store the personal information you fill on a form, this may include your: (not an inclusive list)

  • Name
  • Business name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address

We will not pass this information to anyone else. The only information that will be provided will be on a voluntary basis by you, when linking to a business or another user within the Reccobiz Platform, and then only specific information will be provided. A business user will have their Name, Business Name, Phone Number and location revealed on their pages.

Any data that is transferred between 2 parties (business and potential client) will not be disclosed or available to any third party and will be stored within secure files attached to their personal account, these files or data can be deleted at any time by the person or organisation who generated the data.

Feedback information that is provided will be separated into secure information and public information.

Secure information that is stored will be:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Secure Information. We will internally use this information for verification of the feedback provided by a user. These details will not be published and not disclosed to the business that the feedback relates with.

Public Information. The feedback may be edited and published within the files relating to the business and shown in a public arena. The business will have the opportunity to contest or respond to the feedback. This response may be edited and verified prior to being published on the same public arena. This information can be “requested” to be removed by the user who published it, via the account in which it was generated. This will be secured bypass word authentication and log in details being provided; removal will be at the discretion of Reccobiz.

We will only use your personal data for internal purposes for managing accounts; we may use your personal data for contacting you regarding your experience with Reccobiz.

Subscribing businesses and public users will not have any financial information stored. All subscriptions, advert charges or other funds that Reccobiz collect will be retrieved via a third-party secure money transfer organisation. Subscriptions will be made via “auto renewal” and taken via the secure payment system. Cancellation notice of at least 1 month is required. (See cancellation notice).

Public user accounts can be cancelled and deleted immediately via the account settings, all information and posts will be erased immediately, all links with businesses will be lost. You may be contacted by Reccobiz for feedback relating to your cancellation of your account.

Sharing your data

No data will be shared or passed to third parties. Restricted data may be provided to government bodies for the purpose of fraud prevention or illegal activates. Only information that you or your organisation posts on the open public platform will be deemed as Public data.

If you provide us with consent, we will use your data to contact you for other service that we feel will be of interest of you. You can opt out at any time.

As a public user, you can unsubscribe at any time. When you unsubscribe, your account will be held in suspension for a period of 30 days before being erased. Once erased, no information will be retained on our system, files or a business user account that you were connected with will be deleted. (See cancellation notice).

Your rights: If you are not sure about anything that occurs within the Reccobiz Platform, you can contact our “HELP TEAM” which will provide information relating to but not restricted to:

  • Use of the site
  • Data protection
  • Legal assistance

You have the right to see all data we hold on your account, if you wish to view a copy, we require the request in writing. This will be provided within 30 days of the request, providing we can verify the request is bona fide.

Contacting us is simple:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Write
  • Visit in person by appointment

We aim to provide 24 hour access to the Reccobiz Platform, however, there will be the need from time to time to carry out maintenance, we will notify you in advance and try to deal with this over quiet periods to minimise disruption. It may be the case that internet severs fail and non-access will be out of our control, we have plans in place for this occurrence and will be dealt with in the quickest time possible.