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  • My partner has an itchy rash which the doctors are struggling to diagnose and treat. I reached out to Gina to see if Forever Living had any products which could help and she advised to try the Propolis cream. My partner had been prescribed various creams by the doctor and was reluctant to try the Forever Living cream. The prescribed creams made very little, if any difference, and so he eventually stated using the Propolis cream. Guess what, it gave almost immediate results. His legs in particular went from red and sore looking to almost completely clear and really soft too!
    I highly recommend Forever Living products and Gina’s great knowledge (and patience) too!

    1. Gina Gee Mann Post author

      Thanks for the great review and I am so very pleased that the Propolis creme has helped your partner with his itchy rash! Together with the Aloe Gelly these two are a staple in my house and are what I have in my first aid box now, instead of all those chemical laden products from the chemist!

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