Yesterday marked the end of our two week Wardrobe Detox. We finished off with a round up Zoom session to discuss what we had learned and our clients were left raving about it so I thought I’d share with you!

Over two weeks, my colleague Nicola and I guided 15 ladies through an online wardrobe detox. Each day, we set them a bite-sized challenge and encouraged them to post pictures as they cleared through their wardrobes.

Our clients started this program expecting to declutter and clear out their wardrobes, but Nicola and I know that the real magic comes from the what they learn along the way.

Rather than just pat them on the head and send them off to the clothing bank with the items they were ready to remove, we encouraged them to vocalise ‘why’ each item was being removed. Was it the colour, the fit, the length, the weight of fabric, the quality, the pattern, that it doesn’t go with anything else, that it doesn’t suit their lifestyle?

Here are some of the learnings:

‘I just buy the same things over and over again which means I get bored with my clothes’

‘I get seduced by sale labels but realise that it’s not a bargain if I never wear it’

‘I’ve got too many corporate clothes that I don’t wear now I work from home’

‘I never thought to wear X with Y, now I’ll get so much more wear out of it’

‘I only own one going out top, no wonder I dread getting ready for a night out!’

Learning from these repeat behaviours is the key to moving forward.

So, next time you have a big sort out through your clothes, before you dispose of them, ask yourself ‘what can I learn from these that will improve my future shopping choices?’. And if you’d like to know more about how I can help, pop over to my website :

Tracey Marshall
Author: Tracey Marshall

I am a House of Colour Double Star Consultant, winning the sought-after accolade of one star in my very first year. I was then over the moon when the following year I achieved a coveted two stars! I love being a House of Colour stylist. When I “had my colours done”, it is no exaggeration to say that it changed my life. I went from feeling frumpy – and trying pretty hard to be invisible – to being comfortable and confident in my own skin … and in my clothes! 6 years after my own experience with House of Colour came the opportunity to buy in to the franchise and I haven't looked back! Many of the people who come to see me are facing some kind of transition in their lives and perhaps are feeling a little lost, like they have forgotten who they really are. I also work with business women and men (yes - I work with men too!) who want to show up to their customers and clients full of confidence that they are coming across as their best, authentic self.

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