I am a huge advocate of networking and joined a women’s only networking group in January 2020 called Athena. I have had the pleasure of meeting many wonderfully skillful and talented businesswomen since then, it is a fantastic organisation.
I recently joined an accountability group with some of these women, Yvonne Pritchard, Annika Vincent, Claire Francis, Sue Anne, Susan Mannion, Teresa Davenport, Kim Searle, Kate Vayle, Jennifer Lee, and Jessica Aspin.
We support each other’s challenges, celebrate each other wins and hold each other accountable to our commitments. It is a fabulous group, and I feel very privileged to be part of it.
Outside of Athena I have made some equally wonderful connections through other networking groups, too many to mention but I would like to celebrate Deb Mason, Nicky Thomas, Jane Redhead, Denise de Groot, Gina Gee Mann, Minna Wood, Melanie Gard, Fiona McBride, Sue Raison, and Anne Reece.
Apologies to anyone I haven’t named, my life is richer for all my female friends, and acquaintances. Some of the most random meetings have touched me deeply.
Thanks to all the women who have supported me on my journey so far, I am especially thinking of those who are no longer here and the special memories I have with them.
It is also important to think of all the women who are living in desperate circumstances, dealing with unimaginable poverty, and suffering, my heart goes out to these brave women.
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Author: Reccobiz Ltd

Helping small business owners connect and communicate with your prospects and customers more effectively to help you build lasting relationships and solid reputations is what I love to do. I am sure as a business owner you value testimonials and referrals. My question for you is do you get enough of them? and do you do enough to get them? It’s not enough to have a Google my Business, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other page and expect testimonials to appear by magic, people do not automatically refer you after one fleeting experience with your business. If you rely on repeat business, you need to focus on building relationships. When you have solid relationships with your customers it becomes easy to ask for and get testimonials, your customers will be so familiar with you they will naturally refer you to their family and friends. Isn’t that a great position to be in. Do you have all your customer contact details stored in one easy to access place where you can communicate with one, some or all of them at the click of a button? Email, call or text? Do you struggle to keep your prospects and customers up to date with...

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