Internal audits are a load of nonsense!

How many times have you heard that?

It can be super challenging to maintain a positive atmosphere when it comes to subjects such as auditing and compliance. As a Business Manager it can be really frustrating and worrying when your team approach these subjects with:

🙁Low motivation
😑Some or total disregard
😩Fear & anxiety
🤐Lack of cooperation

The way we approach auditing as leaders and how we communicate it across the company, influences a team’s attitude towards it in the long run.

As leaders we should be communicating that audits are not:

👎An activity of punishment
👎A time to focus purely on areas of weakness
👎To demean team and individual efforts
👎An opportunity to fire you!

And that audits are to:

👍Provide opportunities to improve our overall standards
👍Promote our best practices
👍Identify weaknesses and strengths to assist with the above!
👍Drive the company forward and increase opportunities, revenues & market shares

How do you approach auditing and are your team onboard?

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Kayleigh Bishop
Author: Kayleigh Bishop

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