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Hello everyone, I’m new here so I thought I’d pop on and introduce myself!

I’m Tracey Marshall from House of Colour Bracknell; I’m a personal stylist.

But – what exactly is a Personal Stylist? The process is quite simple: I discover the colours that most suit you, so you look healthy, more alive and vibrant. I work with you to find the styles which most suit your body shape and proportions and allow you to feel authentically self-expressed and comfortable. I simplify shopping, help prevent mistakes and therefore save you money!

Those who know me have heard me say this many times before – we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but we do – we’re genetically and historically programmed to – so isn’t it time to ask yourself ‘what does my cover say about me?’

I work with  women and men (yes, men need me too!) who want to show up as their most authentic selves – both personally and professionally.

So, whether you need to increase your professional presence, understand how to dress for an important occasion or just need a big boost in confidence – I’m your girl!

Tracey Marshall
Author: Tracey Marshall

I am a House of Colour Double Star Consultant, winning the sought-after accolade of one star in my very first year. I was then over the moon when the following year I achieved a coveted two stars! I love being a House of Colour stylist. When I “had my colours done”, it is no exaggeration to say that it changed my life. I went from feeling frumpy – and trying pretty hard to be invisible – to being comfortable and confident in my own skin … and in my clothes! 6 years after my own experience with House of Colour came the opportunity to buy in to the franchise and I haven't looked back! Many of the people who come to see me are facing some kind of transition in their lives and perhaps are feeling a little lost, like they have forgotten who they really are. I also work with business women and men (yes - I work with men too!) who want to show up to their customers and clients full of confidence that they are coming across as their best, authentic self.

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