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Reccobiz for your business

Get more word-of-mouth business in your community.

Research has shown that 75% of sales are generated from recommendations or written testimonials. Your existing customers are instrumental to your business success. If they trust you, there is an excellent chance that they will recommend you. Reccobiz is a community marketing platform where you can register your business, and start receiving written testimonials that you can showcase on your profile. But the platform also offers a host of marketing and communication tools for your business as well. Read more below.

How does Reccobiz work?

Step 1

Sign up and Register your business on Reccobiz

Step 2

Takes a few minutes to fill in your business details, so that people can see you. Include pictures and/or videos. Include your business credentials so we can verify you.

Step 3

We will verify your business so people know that you are credible.

Step 4

We’ll then book a time with you and / or send you some videos to look at on how you can get the most out of your membership

Step 5

You can send your listing to your best customers and ask them to please register (their registration is for FREE) on Reccobiz and give you a testimonial

Step 6

Part of our marketing aims to showcase businesses, try get more public users and to give your listing a chance to show up on local Google searches! So you can get more leads!

See below for more features and benefits of Reccobiz

  • PLink to your clients through the platform
  • PSend messages (known as posts) to all your connections, or group them into different groups and only send a post to selected people or groups
  • PShare offers to these groups too
  • PPost to your Reccobiz network (your own connections, clients & leads that have signed up as a free user on Reccobiz) with images and even video’s! and then share the post to your social platform as well – how easy is that?!
  • PBeing part of the Reccobiz Business community means you’ll also be invited to our bi-weekly networking events – so you can meet more of the community
  • PBuild a network of similar businesses to yours so that you can start passing each other more business as you start trusting one another
  • PSee just how your customers rate you, so you can improve your business
  • PGet an optimised local SEO listing, so you might be found more easily on Google searches
  • PFree Support during business hours
  • POur YouTube Channel is dedicated to giving information about our business clients, but also about our platform – to be used as a knowledgebase

“Amazing Hub!”

I absolutely love Reccobiz! It was easy to set up my profile and get all of my information on there. Any questions, the team were on hand to help me and clarify anything.”

Naomi Meinel-Parker, 09 March 2021

Full Business Subscription.

You will only be able to “link” with your clients and obtain full functionality and exposure on the Reccobiz platform once you have registered for a full subscription. Unlock the full potential of referral marketing for £10 per month + VAT, or only pay £100 + VAT for a full year. Save £20!

Don’t forget, after registering we will not only be validating your business through references, legal documents and the registry of companies but we will also be showing you how to setup your listing, how to make it even better and how to use the platform so that you get the most out of it. After all – isn’t that why you’re choosing Reccobiz above the other directories?


We’re guessing you have a ton of questions, and we have the answers. What benefits do I get from registering? How do I place an advert? How do I connect with my ‘followers’? We answer these questions and more on our FAQ page:

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