How to get Facebook to pull your image from your Post

When you have created a post on Reccobiz and and want to share it on social media like Facebook, you will often see the Reccobiz image appear rather than your featured image as per the example below

In order to get Facebook to pull the correct image from your post that you used as a featured image you need to log into your Facebook account and then on a separate tab you need to go to  the following link :  and when you a here you post the link of your blog post, which you will get from the address bar of your browser when you are in the post (see example in the first image below) into the Facebook Crawler ( see the example in the second image below

Once you have done this, click on Debug and you will see a screen as below and then click on “SCRAPE AGAIN”

And you should now see it show your own image



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