Needing a (healthy) choc fix?

Try this new recipe (and an old video) on my blog.

These dark chocolate bounty balls are not only low sugar and high protein to keep your energy and mood stable, but they are also high in cocoa polyphenols that have been shown to feed the beneficial lactobacillus and bifidobacterium species in the gut and reduce the growth of pathogenic clostridium species.

Minna Wood
Author: Minna Wood

Founder of MetaWell nutrition and coaching clinic, based in Bracknell. BANT Registered Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner, Mindset Coach and a bit of a gut health detective. A foodie, creative nutritional "chef" and experimenter in the kitchen. A lover of the gut microbiome and poo talk! 🙂 Do you have a chronic condition or chronic symptoms that you want to manage better? Let's have a chat about your health and how nutrition and lifestyle medicine can help.

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