Are you thinking of doing your own tiling?


When done by a professional it can look very easy to do and the finished job lovely, when done badly the story ends very differently.


Before you decide, read our tips for some help and guidance.


  • Measure the area to be tiled accurately, you can find calculators online to help with this.


  • Buy 10% more tiles than you need to allow for tiles that will need cutting, in most cases you will be able to return tiles not used (check with your supplier when purchasing)



  • Plan carefully, tile from the centre of the room so that cut pieces are at the wall edges and are the same size. Ensure you use a tile gauge to mark out your tile rows.


  • Make sure your surfaces are properly prepared, if walls are uneven you may need to plaster them, and floors may a leveling compound or screed. If your surfaces are not smooth and even your finish will be uneven and won’t look good.



  • Wear glove, it is important to protect your hands when using adhesive and grout. They can easily cause skin irritation.


  • Always use a good quality grout and adhesive, and make sure it is waterproof.



  • When tiling around a toilet or basin, tile up to it with whole tiles as much as possible. Leave the tiles to dry before slotting in the cut pieces, you will find it much easier.


We hope you found that useful, if you decide tiling is not for you then we would be happy to hear from you.


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Author: Ellen James Ltd

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