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Reccobiz is a powerful online platform that lets any business connect directly with their existing client base, reach out to attract new clients and grow your business. Once your business has been registered, Reccobiz users in the areas you do business can find you, connect with you, and even recommend you to other Reccobiz users.

Why your business should be on Reccobiz:

  • Create a secure customer information database
  • Receive more recommendations and referral business
  • Add business events
  • Connect and communicate directly with your audience
  • Get your brand in front of people in your community
  • Only £10 + VAT monthly or £100 + VAT annually

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Reccobiz isn’t just a platform to rocket local businesses into the big leagues. In fact, without users like you, our platform would be rather pointless! Join Reccobiz as a user (completely free and always will be) and discover brands near you offering the services and products you’re looking for. Store contact details for all of your favourite businesses in one place and be the first to hear about their promotions and special offers.

  • All our businesses are verified and trusted
  • Pick and choose who you link with
  • You will not be bombarded with unnecessary adverts
  • Invite your favoured businesses to join Reccobiz

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Reccobiz offers monthly in person and virtual networking events for subscribers and businesses.

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