Do you drink coffee? Do you love the taste?

Or do you reach for it for that quick pick-up at certain points of the day?

Do you need that caffeine hit to get your body and brain going every morning?

Or do you take pride in preparing your fist cup of coffee in a more ritualistic way, enjoying every drop of it mindfully?

Or maybe you don’t even go near it?

And prefer tea, green tea, herbal tea…?

Where do you stand on this popular beverage?

And even more importantly, where do you stand on caffeine?


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Don’t forget to check the brill offer for a free bag of coffee, and while you are on the topic, make sure you read my blog post on the health effects of coffee:

Minna Wood
Author: Minna Wood

Founder of MetaWell nutrition and coaching clinic, based in Bracknell. BANT Registered Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine Practitioner, Mindset Coach and a bit of a gut health detective. A foodie, creative nutritional "chef" and experimenter in the kitchen. A lover of the gut microbiome and poo talk! 🙂 Do you have a chronic condition or chronic symptoms that you want to manage better? Let's have a chat about your health and how nutrition and lifestyle medicine can help.

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